It seems like only yesterday I was writing a blog post about the launch of TestProject’s open SDK with Python support, but here I am again taking abut another major TestProject release. This time TestProject have released some awesome new feature focusing on their smart recorder. In this post I will go through some of the new features which make TestProject even better.

iframe Support

For many years iframes have been the thorn in the side of many a Software Tester. To interact with an element inside an iframe meant first locating and switching into the iframe then finding the required element. Up until now TestProject was no different. iframes could be accessed using the ‘switch to iframe’ addon but testing an app with multiple iframes remained cumbersome.

Following the new release there is, now, no need to worry about addons. TestProject handles iframes out of the box, no hassle, no problem. All you do is click on the element you wish to interact with just like any other element and TestProject will handle the rest.

I was going to provide some screenshots of how this works but actually there’s nothing really to see, it just works.

Self Healing Tests

Self Healing tests has been a shout about feature for many vendor based automation tools but now you can have it for free with TestProject. We all know that apps change but as a tester it can be frustrating when a small change in the styling of an application breaks a test. Well, self healing tests are a way to combat this.

So how does it work? Well, when you select an element to use via the smart recorder TestProject will automatically document multiple locators for that element.

This means that if the first locator is no longer valid, because of a change to the application, TestProject will automatically try the other stored locators before failing the step. 

If a working locator can be found the test will continue and be reported as Passed. If a step has been healed, it will be marked as so via the report.

You can watch a short demo I put together here

User Friendly Interface

One of the draws to ‘codeless’ tools is that they allow testers of all experiences to create robust automated tests without worrying about their ability to code but if there have been any criticisms of Codeless tools, it’s been the ability to understand & maintain tests. Well, the TestProject has had a makeover to make recording and maintaining tests much clearer and straightforward

The recorder interface now includes a series of tabs at the top giving you the power of parameters and locators at your fingertips. Previously, parameters where somewhat hidden away but now they are easily accessible removing any complications in creating great data driven tests.

Additionally, the contract in colours now makes reading test steps much clearer but differentiating between the user actions, inputs & fields.

Version 0.64 of TestProject, which contains all these features, is available now to download so have a play and let me know what you think.

For more information visit the TestProject blog and docs and of course Happy Testing!

Ryan Howard

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